The time has come! None of this vagueness, this beating around the bush. Strangers and Liars are on the move, early in this 2014, and it’s high time you got to hear about it. So here’s the run down.




With our finger on the button
With our finger on the button

March 8th is the OFFICIAL date scheduled for the Strangers and Liars CD release party. After a smashing New Year’s Eve Show, The King’s Rook Club was kind enough to host our big to do. Our sophomore album “Live That Way” is spending the next month and a half getting is edges polished as we prepare to bombard you with some more songs to take home. If you you’ve been sitting at home over playing the 10 tracks from “Five Seat Concert Hall” (which I know you have), get ready to double your fun with 10 more tracks being released on this.

Now, fear not. You don’t have to fret thinking you won’t be seeing us until March, we other stuff on the more immediate horizon.

January 18th: Strangers and Liars will be back down in Edinboro, playing Crossroads Dinor from 9 to midnight. If it’s anything like last time (or the time before that), it’ll be quite a lot of fun. So let’s do it!



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