Time of the Season: April 14th – 20th

Spring is finally here, meaning while we till have some cold days in the cards, things are generally warming up at last! So while we’re thawing, lets get up to speed, shall we?

Early March, the new Strangers and Liars album “Live That Way” was released without a hitch! The Kings Rook Club was kind enough to host our release party, which was a radical success. Copies of the CD can be purchased at any Strangers and Liars show, as well as online at places such as CDBaby and iTunes.

More gigs are on the rise for Strangers and Liars, as you may have noticed from the updated “upcoming performances sections”, the most recent of those being Strangers and Liars kicking off the Hitt House Concert series on April 25th!

The band and I are looking forward to a productive spring to lead us into an exciting summer. Here’s hoping!


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