May 12th – 18th: The Power of Progress

After an excellent time at The King’s Rook Club on Saturday, the band and I have the week off. Resting easy, sleeping late, drawing on drawing boards. So in the lapse of activity to talk about, I’ll talk about this: I finished a new song!

About time, too. Writers block had been hitting me harder than I care to admit, but something came together on paper that I felt like keeping. Fittingly, the song’s called “The Hard Way”, originally with the theme of the struggles of being an original music band in a small town, the message evolved as I wrote into a realization that there’s quite a few things I’ve been doing ‘the hard way’. There’s an energy of frustration to it, with a feel of consolation trying to set things straight in a whirlwind of bad habits.

I may have a demo to share soon, or maybe it’ll become a band song before you know it. Either way, it is nice to have something new on paper that actually got done!



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