May 26th – June 1st: Write Away

After a brief bout of 50 degree weather (which, alongside a cold lake breeze, got an outdoor Strangers and Liars gig canceled. Commence fist shaking!), summer seems to be upon us in full force. Bring the heat! Here’s what’s in store for this week:

Wednesday (May 28th) Strangers and Liars will be heading down to Meadville to take part in the access cable show “Dirty Dog Live. Hosted by Lisa Bower, each 30 minute show features an interview with the highlighted musician(s) and 20 minutes of performance. Us Strangers and Liars are elated to be a part of the show and get some solid video footage.

Smile for the camera
Smile for the camera

The Songwriter Sunset got underway swimmingly last Thursday. Frank Marzano and Jerry Gaff did a grand job opening the season, leaving us with many more excellent Thursdays to come. This week, we have one of the songwriters nearest and dearest to me, my friend, mentor, and drummer Mr. Tom Hitt. He’ll be joined by a bright new face to the Songwriter Sunset, Jake Baker.

Friday night, I’ll be playing solo out in Harborcreek, at the Harborview Grill, which is the bar and grill of the HarborRidge Golf Course. All of which are mysteriously bereft of harbors. Show is from 7 to 9pm.

That’s all for weekly events. In other news, as far as new songs go, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a first over this past week: spontaneous innovation of guitarist Justin Anderson, combined with immediate conviction of Tom Hitt as led Strangers and Liars to begin work on the first song co-written by band members (and the first song I’ve ever co-written with anybody). While still a work in progress, the structure, melody and lyrics are all underway with contributions from all four band members, as well as some lyrical assistance from my own lovely lady, Miss Jessica Annunziata. A very exciting twist to one of my favorite pastimes.


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