June 30th – July 6th: Independent Together

After a stellar weekend of rock n’ roll at the Edinboro Lake Resort, Strangers and Liars will be preparing for some more good times on the good ol’ 4th of July. While we might be passing up on buying some fireworks (the band tends to play better with all limbs intact) we do intend to make some noise.

With the show starting at 10pm at The Oasis, Strangers and Liars will be sharing a show with our friends, POTWHOLE.

The gypsy-tonk rockers themselves, Potwhole. Watch out!
The gypsy-tonk rockers themselves, Potwhole. Watch out!

We’ll be opening show before Potwhole takes over for the night. So once you’ve barbecued your face off, come out to the Oasis for the show!

Meanwhile, in the Songwriter Sunset world, this Thursday is chalk full of songwriter-ey goodness. We got ourselves another double header in the works! Our Erie natives Seann Clark and Colette Bone will be playing for the first half of the show. After that, we’ve been introduced to the traveling band “Stillbridge”, straight out of Massachusetts. Rob Douglas, Laura Mustard and Jack Dwyer will be gracing our stage, winning them the currently record holder for folks who’ve come the farthest to be a part of our little show.

Who’s excited!? (Other than me?)


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