July 7th – 13th: You Move Too Fast

Already July 7th!? This summer is not holding back in the slightest. I’ll get right to it then!
After our good time holiday with Potwhole and with a few exciting shows looming ahead, Strangers and Liars has this week off, which we will spend diligently preparing ourselves for the next gigs (combing our hair, polishing our instruments, you know the important stuff).

Before going into the details of this week’s Songwriter Sunset, I would like to give a special thank to all songwriters involved in last week’s show. Seann Clark, Colette Bone, Rob Douglas, Laura Mustard and Jack Dwyer, not only did you all allow us to have our first extra long Thursday in the history of our event, but you did while putting up with a whole bunch of unforecasted rain coming down. And I thank you for that!

This week we have more friends from Pittsburgh making the trip! Ben Valasek will be returning to perform for us again, and new comer to the SWS Brad Yoder will be joining him. Who doesn’t love a good Thursday?


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