August 4th – 10th: Weekend on the Water

I’m resisting the urge to talk about how fast summer is going to avoid the risk of missing more summer. It’s all about the Lake Resort this week (isn’t every week? [yes, but even more so this week])!

First, this Thursday’s (August 7th) Songwriter Sunset will feature the songwriting duo from one of my favorite bands, The Heilotropes! Katie Chriest and Sheldon Peterson take the stage in what I’m sure will be a knockout show.
Friday night (August 8th) Strangers and Liars return to make waves from 7 to 10pm.
Then Sunday (August 10th), from 5 to 7pm, it’s just like the good ol’ days with me playing solo, unbelievably for the first time at the Lake Resort this summer. And to think, 3 years ago, it’d be the same show every other weekend. Amazing to see what kinds of wheelings and dealings The Edinboro Lake Resort and I have gotten into in such a short time.

If there’s room enough to change, there’s room enough to grow!


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