August 11th – 17th: Celebrate Erie

This upcoming weekend, Erie holds it’s annual shut down the main street and throw up a bunch of stages fest! Strangers and Liars will be occupying one of those stages on Sunday (August 17th, 5:30 to 6:30pm), but on top of that, there’s another show I get to be a part of this Friday (August 15th, 6:30 to 7:30pm). But before I tell you that story, I need to tell you this story.

Last year, a show I performed in during the summer went unmentioned in this blog. Primarily because before the show, I didn’t really know what to expect going in to it, and after the show, I didn’t know where to begin in describing it. So here it goes.

The powers that be, ruling over Celebrate Erie with their celebratory jurisdiction, decided that aside from their line up of local bands and headliners, they wanted something a little different. They charged a crack team of 3 local musicians (Doug Phillips, Eric Brewer and Ron Sutton) with the task of putting together a Woodstock tribute show featuring a plethora of Erie musicians of their choosing. And when it came to finding someone to perform an Arlo Guthrie, wouldn’t you guess who they asked?

A poor man's Arlo Guthrie, between Erie Allstars Doug Phillips (left) and Eric Brewer (right)
A poor man’s Arlo Guthrie, between Erie Allstars Doug Phillips (left) and Eric Brewer (right)

The basic set up for the show was that the Fantastic Three played as the house band, blowing bass, drums and guitar for each song while having different singers rolodex through. To be brief, it was a smashing success!

So here we are a year later, and the boys are at it again. A slight change in lineup, but the guys were kind enough to invite me to play once more. This year’s theme is Beatles tribute, with a twist: solo hits. The show is going to feature a series of hits The Beatles had in their individual careers after the and split up. I don’t have the intention of giving away what I get to play, so I hope you make down to the show this Friday and see for yourselves!


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