The Post of Shame

And here I am, returning shamefully after an almost entirely post-less month. I had expected my post frequency to diminish once I started working the day job again, but this is absurd! So here we are. Let’s catch up on September, shall we?

Season 3 of the Songwriter Sunset ended. Our final two Songwriters were Graham Scott and Aaron Work, with the following weekend being the finale. Excited to have had another great year, with talented songwriters who are enthusiastic about being a part of the show. Can’t wait for the 2015 season.

2014 season draft 4
Thank you 2014 songwriters!

Strangers and Liars made some appearances around town, playing at The Crossroads Dinor as well as making a return appearance to The King’s Rook Club. Good times to be had.

Strangers and Liars, just Rookin' it.
Strangers and Liars, just Rookin’ it.

As the seasons change, the band has started to prepare more studio time. More preliminary steps have been taken towards album 3, with a plethora of old and news songs just itching to be in your ears.

I’ve also been plugging away myself with some solo performances. I’ll be returning this upcoming Friday (October 3rd) to the Erie Ale House, for the Doug Phillips show, which is always a good time. It’s a nice room, and who doesn’t like Doug Phillips?

With any luck, I’ll be a little more on top of things in the coming months. But goodness, in the meantime, where does the time go???


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