Something Old and Something New

This is the first of two posts I am making today. Starting today, I’m changing to the direction of this blog to something more befitting of it’s abilities. I’ve used this to talk about shows, musicians, songs and things like that, but all in all I’ve used it as a promoting device. Truth is, there are better forms of social media doing that for me, so I thought I should change it up a little.

While I still intend to have the upcoming performances listed here, the primary focus will be songs. In close connection with my youtube channel, I plan to post one of my songs (via video recording) and talk a little bit about what it has to say. After years of writing and only so little recording, it feels like I’m sitting on top of a mound of songs gathering dust. And a good deal of it I wouldn’t mind sharing.

So instead of trying to make whatever upcoming show I have sound appealing to you (who may well be a reader several hundred miles away from said venue), it’s time to start putting myself on the chopping block of the world wide web.
Stay tuned for the first entry.


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