Take a Little Time

At the time, I remember having one particular goal in mind: I wanted to write something happy. Writing sad songs can feel like such a crutch after awhile. It’s always easier to complain rather than look on the bright side, and I wanted to make the effort.

The theme of moving at my own pace has been reoccurring in my songwriting. Whether it’s that I was born in a generation that doesn’t quite appeal to me or that I just get overwhelmed by my surroundings too easily, the world always feels like it’s moving too fast for it’s own good. For the most part, my response to this is not that the world needs to slow down, but rather that the world shouldn’t expect me to desperately be trying to catch up (and this is supposed to be a happy song, right?). While other songs in this vein have been more combative in stating that my pace is my own, Take a Little Time is about not having to feel bad about avoiding the race. The world can be very intimidating, and it shouldn’t feel wrong, lazy or irresponsible to not be inclined to keep up.


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