I Don’t Care What You Think Anymore

One of the earliest songs of my songwriting career, “I Don’t Care…” was a song written as an emotional outlet. And if you guessed the emotion I was letting out was anger, you are correct.

I was a struggling music student at the time, attempting to be a singer songwriter in a classical music program with little success. I had been consulting with some of my professors for advice on what I should do, when I received an email from one of my less technologically savvy professors that I was not meant to see (cc-ing can be such a messy business). The email went into some detail outlining my short comings as a music student, which were apparently many, and upon realizing these words of judgment were not intended for me to see in any sort “tough love/hard truth” act of sincerity, my feelings towards the situation escalated from frustrated to livid. And the rest is history.

“I Don’t Care…” doesn’t go into all the details regarding this story, but in regards to my feelings on the situation at the time, it pulls no punches. I dropped out of the music program that semester and switched majors the next. Possibly one of the best choices of my life.


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