There Goes Something

Competitiveness is cancerous in a local scene. It can be so hard to be supportive for the sake of a musical community when there are only so many places to play, and there are always so many egos to battle (including one’s own). Jealousy and arrogance are real threats. As musician, being involved in the business end is necessary for a certain level of success, but it comes at a price if one is not cautious.

There Goes Something was written from a bad mindset that I was trying to get out of. The more you look at everyone as your competition, the truer it becomes. If you as a musician cannot step back and find appreciation in other performers simply because they are more successful than you, you are not supportive of your scene. And if you are going to look at other’s in a competitive light, you would do well to remember to take a good look at yourself and discover your own shortcomings.


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