The Night is Yours

Even when we’re doing something we’re passionate about, things can get tiring. Everyone comes across their occasional dead ends, where what’s supposed to be fun and innovative feels like work, and anything meant to be creative may as well be mud. There’s just no avoiding those days.

The Night is Yours was a personal pep talk for just those occasions. I’ve walked away from more than a few gigs over the past decade feeling frustrated and jaded. I’ve played plenty of shows where the audience has treated me as unwelcome background noise. I’ve sang for a lot empty rooms. In those instances, it’s important for me to remember that the times in my life I have felt the most alive were walking away from shows that went better than I could ever have imagined.

And even though remembering the great successes isn’t always enough to instantly drag me out of a bout of frustration, it’s important to remember why I do this, and to remember why I’m going to keep doing this.


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