Message from the Top of the World

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January 16, 2015 by Tommy Link

Every song is about the songwriter in one way or another, some more directly than others. I feel Message was the first song I wrote to be open auto biography of how I wanted to go about being a songwriter, as well as the type of person I considered myself. It became like a theme song for me, and is still probably my regularly played song as a solo performer.

I don’t know where music is going to take me, but I’m letting it take me there regardless.


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Meanwhile, Russians see this weather and are all "don't have a Mos-cow, man". #coffeeoftheday #brrr #coffeeroundtheworld #staywarmstaycaffeinated #bobsburgersforlife #coffeepuns #donthaveacowman One of the few songs I can fake my way through on piano. #fakeittillyoumakeit #bonyfingers #tompetty #southernaccents #piano  #covers  #tommylinkmusic I'm enjoying this short hair/long beard look for the winter. Part Jim Henson, part old man with the shovel from Home Alone. #homealone #jimhenson  #oldmanmarley  #seasonschange #sodoi #tommylinkmusic The troops are ready. #tistheseason #nutcrackers  #changingoftheguard #christmastime #decorationstation
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