Last I Ever Heard

It’s been said that many successful musicians find themselves with their less than favorite songs being the most popular. I’m sure that comes with it’s difficulties, be it the frustration of a self-thought master piece going unnoticed or a fluke being praised. Still, I hope there’s some satisfaction in the fact that something they created is enjoyed by so many.

There’s a similar feeling for me with this song. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Last I Ever Heard. Quite the opposite actually; it makes me smile every time. It’s a silly fictional story of me driving like a lunatic down I 79. The car, a 1985 Toyota Corolla that my father bought for $200 in 2008, is non fiction, which makes me smile even more. It was a great car for a broke college kid to bum around in.

The song was a lot of fun for me, I just never expected everyone else would like it so much. It tends to get a lot of reaction from the audience, maybe because driving recklessly in a vehicle on death’s door is a story just about everyone can tell.


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