The Long Days

The line that started it was during a conversation with a friend, when he told that while people say life’s too short, sometimes it’s too long. I realize that sounds pretty dark out of context, which I why I rearranged it to make it more musical and to better capture the feeling that went with it.

My friend and I were not discussing a desire to die, but more a frustration with where in life we were at the time, as opposed to where we wanted to be. Sometimes life just feels like so much waiting. It can become very deterring, especially when you have the perspective how fleeting life can be to remind you how futile it seems, with the things you “have” to do getting in the way of what you want in life.

I don’t play this song on my own very often. It was quick to become a Strangers and Liars song after it was written, and reside in our repertoire as the resident barn burner. We plan on having it appear on our upcoming album, the release date of which remains TBD.


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