The World Ahead The World Behind

One of the newest songs I have written, it’s a different style to an old adage. Bob Dylan said “the times are a changing”, and plenty of other people echoed the message after him. I’m also sure plenty of songwriter before him had that to say as well.

What’s interesting about the journey from “what has been” to “what will be” is that while every generation makes that journey, no two generations are having the same journey. There can similarities, but what becomes the new world to one generation will start as the old world for the next generation, and they will move into a new world after that.

How times were different is not necessarily what makes a generation stand out. It’s the journey that travels through a great change. We go through life with a certain understanding of how our world works, and then as time passes on, we watch that understanding be rewritten (often for better and worse). The time that one resides in is only a fraction of the story. The world behind them and the world ahead of them is the rest.


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