Funny Business

“Funny Business” was written when the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement was still at large. While I agree (more so now than then) that the issue of poverty and wealth distribution in our country is in dire need of repair, I was not a fan of the ‘Occupy’ movement. While I commend those involved for taking action, I never saw hope of anything getting accomplished by their means. I think people’s ability to ignore other people (ESPECIALLY wealthy people’s ability) was greatly underestimated.

The song isn’t to decry what the movement was all about, or offer a better solution. Just my take on the situation.

Published by Tommy Link

Tommy Link was born and raised in Erie PA. He began playing guitar at the age of 16, being taught by Claude Braudis at a local music store known as 'World of Music'. Two years later, he began attending Edinboro University of PA, where he started playing out at different local venues. He resides there today, and continues to play around Edinboro and Erie.

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