The Book Was Closed

I’m a little disappointed in myself for missing a week while I was on vacation. I had recorded a video in advance with the intention of uploading it while I was away, but the beach just kept calling my name, so I’ll just have to live with knowing I took a by week.

“The Book Was Closed” is your typical relationship gone wrong song from several years ago. Tricky thing with songs like this, if you keep playing them people (and sometimes you yourself) wonder if you’re really past everything that went down.

But still playing this song some years later, I’m satisfied with it. I think a sign of progress from a falling out is being able to look back on things with an outside perspective, and see what you couldn’t see while you were in the thick of it. If a song is too caught up in the moment, it becomes relevant only to the time it was written. I feel like this ended up being insightful enough to age and still have proper meaning with everything now well behind me.


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