Somewhere in Between

I heard (or read? Maybe it was a TED talk) every 10 years of adulthood, you are a completely different person than you were 10 years prior. It was implied that what comes before that, in your highschool/early college I’m-legally-an-adult-but-not-really years, nothing is set in stone yet. I think the generally accepted term is “finding yourself”, or perhaps for late bloomers like my wallflower self, “growing into yourself”.

I don’t recall having much a personality in my teens and early twenties. I’ll save the speech about how music showed me the way to becoming who I am (it did do that, but that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Niche finding is a thing). As opposed to every 10 years, it felt like I was redefining myself mentally every 10 months, eager to leave behind what I had just “become”. I think the reality of it was that I had a lot of figuring out to do, and that I spent quite a bit of time in between philosophies and potential ways of life.

Published by Tommy Link

Tommy Link was born and raised in Erie PA. He began playing guitar at the age of 16, being taught by Claude Braudis at a local music store known as 'World of Music'. Two years later, he began attending Edinboro University of PA, where he started playing out at different local venues. He resides there today, and continues to play around Edinboro and Erie.

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