Bad Luck

This song was my stab at blue grass. Four verses of bad luck. Also, I was very proud of the chorus line “six feet fall and I’m still underground”.

Verse 1: I got double booked for a gig, and since the other act had two people instead of one, and they were already setting up, I conceded to letting them play without making a stink. I was pretty upset at the time, though.

Verse 2: A bar owner at an open mic I frequented offered to buy me drink on my birthday, but only if it was whiskey. I did not need a whiskey that night, that’s for sure.

Verse 3: I got told I was too nice by girls quite a lot through high school and college. Looking back now, I think it was their polite way of saying “too quiet and weird”.

Verse 4: Being a musician, you keep company with a lot of night owls. If you see me out and about and it’s going on 1am, consider it a testament to my dedication to music someone winning over my love of my bed.


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