Bad Luck

This song was my stab at blue grass. Four verses of bad luck. Also, I was very proud of the chorus line “six feet fall and I’m still underground”.

Verse 1: I got double booked for a gig, and since the other act had two people instead of one, and they were already setting up, I conceded to letting them play without making a stink. I was pretty upset at the time, though.

Verse 2: A bar owner at an open mic I frequented offered to buy me drink on my birthday, but only if it was whiskey. I did not need a whiskey that night, that’s for sure.

Verse 3: I got told I was too nice by girls quite a lot through high school and college. Looking back now, I think it was their polite way of saying “too quiet and weird”.

Verse 4: Being a musician, you keep company with a lot of night owls. If you see me out and about and it’s going on 1am, consider it a testament to my dedication to music someone winning over my love of my bed.

Published by Tommy Link

Tommy Link was born and raised in Erie PA. He began playing guitar at the age of 16, being taught by Claude Braudis at a local music store known as 'World of Music'. Two years later, he began attending Edinboro University of PA, where he started playing out at different local venues. He resides there today, and continues to play around Edinboro and Erie.

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