Dull Razors


I wrote “Dull Razors” around the time the Occupy Wall Street movement was happening. I knew a handful of people who had been traveling to the city to be part of the movement, but the appeal was lost on me. I understood the desire for economic reform and want for justice against the 1%, though I didn’t understand how people standing around in the streets of New York was supposed to accomplish this. Now years later, we have a potential presidential candidate gaining popularity that has been outspoken against economic injustice for his entire career. So if the Occupy movement is part of what got us here, I’ll happily admit to my short sighted-ness on the issue.

The song has been a point of some pride for me though. Not only did it live in an excellent light as a Strangers and Liars song on our first album ‘Five Seat Concert Hall’ (props to guitarist Justin Anderson who came up with that little intro lick I’m playing at the opening), it also earned some minor acclaim as an honorable mention for American Songwriter‘s lyric contest.



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