Bright Lights Baby

Like the new background?

This is a newer song, though it’s about someone who’s in my life for several years now. Sometimes it takes that long to find the right words to for who someone is in your life. Especially if its a special somebody. The word play was a lot of fun in writing about my love of a girl with her heart in New York City. So I’ll take the time to run through it for anyone curious.

“…sleeps like a jazz club, hardly ever at night”- She likes staying up late, and she likes jazz clubs that don’t close until the sun is up.

“…dance with Fitzgerald and she’s singing with Cole”- Ella and Nat are two of her favorites.

“…she’s acting like Chekhov”- she is in fact, an actor, and would love to perform in Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters some day

“…she’s reading like Baldwin… her dreams and desires this time lit the fire…”- James Baldwin is one of her favorite authors, The Fire Next Time being her favorite of his works

“…she runs like the G train…”-just a subway reference. I think she lived off the G train for awhile but I’m not positive. G just happened to be the syllable that felt right to sing.



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