Siren of the Stage

I know, I know. “Listen to Black Magic Woman much?”  This song is more than a little lacking of originality. But what it lacks in it, I was looking to make up for in tradition.

The siren is a great mythological creature. Whether portrayed as monstrous or sensual is irrelevant, the siren’s power is in her song. We humans are visual based creatures. We judge books by their covers, we make first impressions, we even eat with our eyes. But this creature in all of its incantations from ‘The Odyssey’ to that great Cohen Brothers movie with the story line that’s supposed to be like the ‘The Odyssey’, has it’s power in it’s voice. Forget what she looks like, forget what she’s wearing, it’s her voice that’s going to get you to forget where your ship is going, or maybe even if you’re on a ship.


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