What’s in a Name

A song inspired by a very good friend and fellow musician. This friend had accomplished a certain level of success after branding himself a particular way. However, due to said success, he also felt trapped when an eagerness arose to branch out in different directions with his music. His solution was to drop his brand entirely and start anew, hoping it would be a way of announce to his audience that he wouldn’t be doing the same old thing anymore.

I shared my opinion with him that his name had earned it’s renown and found it’s success due to more than just the style of music that went with, but rather the talent, energy and showmanship that he put into. I assured him that no matter what direction he went, if he brought the same effort as he had in the past, no matter the genre, it would still be him being him and it would still be excellent.

I think he took my advice (…sorta)


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